Protect Yourself Cleverly with a Lease Agreement

If you have decided to rent your property and you have given the matter your full consideration, then you first have to find a good lease agreement form to protect you from violation of your legal rights. Luckily, this is not as difficult as it sounds. Involving yourself with a residential lease agreement is always a good idea to avoid any complications later if you are thinking to lease out your living space. The lease agreement is a common term in rental business and everyone does it before the renting date starts. Both the parties should sign the lease agreement so that it can protect the landlord, directly and indirectly, protects the tenant. However, there are many other types of lease agreement available for every particular need of the people. Listed below are some of the lease types that you should know.

Types of Lease Agreement

Property Lease:

Be it residential or commercial, every landowner signs the property lease agreement for his/her own safety. When the property is under a lease agreement, the owner loses half of his/her right to the property. Yes, the landlord still owns the property but it doesn’t mean that the landlord can do whatever he/she likes. The landlord needs to consider the person or family that has been occupying the property.

Agriculture Land on Lease:

The returns on agriculture lands are much higher in developing areas or emerging localities where there’s a possibility of forthcoming infrastructure projects. It’s good if the land is located in an area where some government scheme is to be launched or if it is included in the master plan of the region. An agricultural land plot can guarantee long-term returns if it is an area where the government has planned some infrastructure development project in near future.

Cell Tower Lease:

Rent is the primary benefit of having the cell tower on the leased property. Once the cell tower is on the property and rent has commenced, it increases the property value. Better network coverage is another benefit that you would likely get by giving your property on lease to any network service provider.

Solar Farm Lease:

In many states today, the solar developers are searching for ideal properties to host large solar projects so that energy users can get benefitted out of it. Thus, a good solar developer will always try to offer satisfactory terms to the landowners in a lease agreement. The solar projects generate lease revenue in a continuous manner, provide electricity for local utilities, and help increase the energy independence using clean sources of renewable energy.

So, is your land a good fit to generate revenue continuously? If so, give it to the appropriate seeker on lease and double your income sitting at your home’s comfort.


What A LandOwner Should Know About Making Money From Small Cells

The newest in the cellphone technology is Small Cell. In places where it is a difficult task to build towers due to the presence of large buildings, SCTs bring in hope as they can be used to host a small number of cell phone users and multiple systems in a given area to enhance signal quality. One major reason that initiates this need is the demand for mobile data by a larger percentage of the population. The data as per cell tower infographic shows that the SCT market will reach $2.2 billion by 2020. An upcoming business, one can negotiate a profitable cell tower lease with some knowledge about the business.

cell tower infographic